Notes from meetup at Cinderford Artspace 16th January 2020

First meetup of the year – coffee & conversations

Slideshow of photos from projects to date

Round the table:

  • Rose Farrington – FoDDC Project Manager for Destination Lydney Harbour £2.1m project
  • Tracey Parkinson – printmaker/community café Cinderford. Would like canopy to attend meeting about the future of the cafe
  • Jacqui Grange – Herefordshire Great Places & Creative Solutions 26th March
  • Jill Raymond (Ray) – Trustee of Idle Women, involved with Scary Little Girls artist with experience of community arts, activism. Medieval instruments, willow, weaving. Campaigning for Walls for Women to celebrate herstory in the Forest – both historically and now. Oral history about women, learnt loads at Dean heritage Centre.
  • Roger Drury – “still lots possible to celebrate the trees” would like to set up a festival to do this. If anyone interested contact Roger. Also told us about “50 Ways to do a Workshop” – we could provide training for creatives in the forest about how to run workshops successfully. 
  • Seth Fright – Innovation Lab – working at Coleford Lab, involved in Gloucester developments too. Supporting some Phone Box artists. Discussing partnership with canopy
  • Jane Spray – potter, writer, poet, treeplanter. Prompted discussion about ‘little hussy’ – quote used on the Forest writers themed mural. 
  • Chris Waygood – Chair of farOpen Studios & on Board of Artspace. Feltmaker, textile artist, 
  • Laura Liddell – creative person, sculpture, wax wraps and eco-products, finding her voice again as a creative practitioner. Hesitates to say artist.
  • Tom Cousins – mural artists, painter of the one across the road under discussion. Told group how the phrases were selected and by whom. (Both men fyi). Discussed the professional level that Tom produces and how important it is. 
  • Carolyn Black – Project Manager for canopy, convened the day. Also artists, film-maker, keen to work in Innovation Lab on practice.

Ideas going forward that we could develop:

  1. Roger Drury – Festival about the trees – contact him if interested – 07766182667
  2. CreativeCoffeeConversations – anyone can call them in their local café. If you would like to host one let Carolyn know and post it on the canopy Facebook Group
  3. Studio Visits – a lot of suggestions about this. Anyone can call them in their studios. Worth limiting numbers to 20/12 people as they tend to be popular. Again, post it on the canopy Facebook Group.
  4. Artist Walks – Anyone can call them, as a social activity or workshop. Worth limiting numbers to 20/12 people to ensure rich engagement. Again, post it on the canopy Facebook Group.
  5. Professional development about running workshops – “50 ways” – we could do callout for interest on Facebook. Roger to provide information for sharing. Canopy could pay a workshop leader (needs steering c’tee sign-off) Keeps it free for attendees.
  6. To attend – Herefordshire Great Places & Creative Solutions 26th March, Pride of Place Conference & Will Newson Training 6th Feb & 5th March
  7. Community Café support – Tracey put something on Facebook Group? Carolyn attend meeting if possible.
  8. Innovation Lab – use it!
  9. Walls for Women – maybe form sub-group to make it happen. Make sure it is joined-up with other activities to give it clout
  10. Mindscape looking for session leaders – contact Hannah at ArtSpace

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