Heart Shaped Place 

Last Saturday, 16th July  I had a great time at the Heart Shaped Place event organised at The Wesley in Cinderford, a new arts venue for locals.

The event was to celebrate the involvement of communities across the Forest supporting Forest Mental Health. There was an extraordinary range of people and organisations involved.

I met up with Penny who runs the Hive Recycling shop in Newent, who had a group doing a painting hack in the spirit of Dali. Then a quick chat with Sally who runs Artspace, slightly unusual as she was danging upside down ion the trapeze a the time! Very surreal.. 

In the middle of all this buzz of activity was Simon Price from FVAF who I managed to have a brief chat with..  persuading him to get on board with us to at Canopys next major forthcoming event in Newent! 

Look out for more on this soon.. 


Canopy Chair

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