Black Lives Matter #BLM

CANOPY is committed to equality, inclusion and creating better lives for all. 

CANOPY stands with the Black community and other minority ethnic communities against all forms of racism, whether overt, insidious or structural. We believe it is no longer enough to simply stand up and condemn racism: we must be actively anti-racist. We encourage our members to do the same.

The CANOPY team is taking time to listen and reflect on what we can do to contribute to meaningful change. As a predominantly white organisation, we know we have to work harder to address racial injustice and its interface with structural inequalities related to race, gender, class and disability.

For those already deeply engaged in this work, we acknowledge your struggle and we commit to listening and supporting you more actively to end systemic racism. For those not already engaged in this work we invite you to join us on this journey.Useful resources are available here:

What will we be doing? 

  1. We will actively reach out to those in our community from BME heritage, so as to be sure that our communications connect with all. 
  2. Appraise applicants anonymously, with name or age details excluded, so as to limit any possibility of conscious or unconscious bias.
  3. Actively educate ourselves in UK’s black history, BAME experience, the slave trade and colonialisation with particular attention paid to stories with local relevance .  Follow social-media tags aimed at informing and raising  awareness of these issues.
  4. We are sharing resources with each other, that are helping us learn and reflect together and start our journey of change as an organisation wanting to be a strong ally.
  5. We will endeavor to educate ourselves in order to change our working processes and the structures we operate within, to ensure they fight social injustice and are actively anti racist. We welcome feedback to help support us to do this.
  6. We actively encourage people from underrepresented groups to apply for opportunities and aim to provide support to help overcome and reduce any barriers that people may face. Please get in touch if there is something we have not thought of that would help.

You can download our Diversity and Equality policy here.

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