The Phone Box artists invite you to become involved at a booth near you – how to get in touch…….


WHITECROFT: Jean Goubert

Jean works in theatre and is keen to hear stories from local people. He wishes to engage with an older generation who might have witnessed the birth of these iconic phone boxes (1920s’) and hear the stories of how it revolutionised their lives.

SLING: Henry Maddicott

Henry is a poet and is keen to meet with groups of writers, gardeners and local historians.


Shebang comprises of Jenny, Nichola & Sarah. They are interested in creating social events and looking into communications methods, old and new. They love to work with people of all ages.

CLEMENTS END: Hannah Aebi & Dominique Baker

Hannah & Dominique come from a dance background. They would like to engage with the local community through movement, hold movement-based workshops.

ELLWOOD: Sharon Foley

Sharon works with glass and is in conversation with Ellwood school

YORKLEY: Carol Laidler

Carol is an artist and writer. She wishes to lead walking workshops to explore, through writing and drawing, the physical experience of distance and intimacy; thinking about the phone box as a place of long distant communication and intimacy at the same time and using it to frame what we see, both near and far.


Tina is a sound artist. She wants to engage with people through both sound and words. Together you will  discuss favourite places, personal histories, family connections, and relationships.

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