Vacancy for Treasurer (non-executive)- might you be the person we need?

Canopy, constituted as a Community Group in June 2019, first launched in 2014 and has succeeded in building a strong reputation and track record in recent years. Despite Covid19, (indeed it makes our work even more urgent due to the swell in the need for cultural activities), we are continuing to develop ambitious plans to diversify our activities, expand our staff team and improve our governance processes. As part of this stage of development we urgently need a Treasurer to join the other two officers on our Board. We are a small team, with 5 on our Steering Committee (with three of those being officers).

We seek to embed the arts into society on every level by developing networks between creatives, communities and businesses. We support artists, audiences and participants to engage in the arts in countless ways by offering innovative, surprising, exciting and high-quality arts, unique to this very particular place – The Forest of Dean.

Board members are voluntary and unremunerated. The estimated time commitment required is attendance at around six meetings a year, as well as (optional) monthly one-to-one advisory conversations with the executive team if that is something you would like to do. We work as a team and invite all those involved to contribute constructively to our development. Below are our current statements relating to our purpose – we anticipate that our Treasurer would contribute to shaping a revised vision for incorporation purposes.


We are small and determined. We had some great projects in the pipeline that attracted media attention and funding until Covid19 called us to a halt. Undeterred, we secured some Emergency funding from Arts Council England and acted quickly, to enable us to change our offer to meet current needs. We have just advertised a 1 day a week role for an engagement manager for the next 6 months-  we need to keep the network alive during difficult times. We had over 2000 people look at our job opportunity on the website and 42 applications. We are on the cultural map. We get good media cover too.


The Canopy Creative Network actively forges pathways for social change through the arts, by supporting a thriving calendar of cultural activities across The Forest of Dean


Canopy seeks to embed the arts into society on every level by developing networks between creatives, communities and businesses. Taking an aerial view, canopy scopes, advocates and engineers connections to ensure a thriving cultural ecology.  We support artists, audiences and participants to engage in the arts in countless ways. Expect to experience innovative, surprising, exciting and high-quality arts, unique to this very particular place – The Forest of Dean.

AIMS to:

  • celebrate the unique qualities of Forest people and places through the creative practices
  • be economically and environmentally sustainable in all we do
  • develop a strong, accessible cultural community in the Forest of Dean
  • support and profile contemporary arts in the area


  • enabling the development of meaningful, accessible, high-quality creative engagement for, and with, local communities
  • establishing pathways for communication and co-creation
  • connecting artists from a wide range of disciplines with communities and businesses
  • unlocking the creative potential of all those that we engage with
  • developing effective partnerships to strengthen the arts sector
  • supporting artists by providing professional development to help them thrive

Who we are looking for:

Candidate Specification

The characteristics of a Board member includes, but is not limited to:

  • Pre-existing passion for the cause
  • Eagerness to participate at every meeting
  • Willing to prepare ahead for meetings
  • Supportive, but willing to express their own opinion

We are looking for individuals who understand the pressures faced by a small start-up organisation, and who are able to think creatively and ambitiously about the opportunities for Canopy Creative Network to grow and increase our impact. We’d love to work with people who can demonstrate:

  1. A professional track record in policy and research, marketing, communications, business, business, social enterprise, specialist sector experience e.g. youth, disabilities, diversity
  2. A flexible, creative and empathetic mindset
  3. Experience working in or with business, consultancies, charities, social enterprise, the public sector, the creative industries or academia
  4. Insights relating to governance and strategy
  5. Either first-hand experience or an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of a non-executive board member
  6. A good understanding of Canopy Creative Network’s purpose and objectives and enthusiasm for our mission.

Key Responsibilities of The Board Include:

  • Working with the Executive Director and other Board members on strategic development
  • Contributing to the governance, strategic growth and financial oversight of the organisation
  • Acting as an ambassador for our work and advising on programmes, projects or internal priorities which are relevant to your fields of expertise and interest
  • Providing specific guidance and support to the small executive team, drawing on your professional insights and experience
  • Providing entrepreneurial leadership as part of a team
  • Ensure the human and financial resources are available to achieve objectives

Current Board Members:

Chair: Rob Olins – artist

Secretary: Nichola Goff – artist

Treasurer: Dave Kent – Clerk to West Dean Parish Council (stepping down due to other commitments)

We seek diversity in the Board in terms of experience/sector

About Canopy Creative Network

Canopy Creative Network formed as a constituted group in June 2019, as a temporary measure until we became clear of our direction. Having agreed our vision and mission in November 2019 we have decided to incorporate as a Company Limited by Guarantee, operating as a not-for-profit social enterprise. We may pursue charitable status in the future depending on the strategic direction from the Board. Our current management team is made up of 3 Board members with Officer roles with a further 9 people on the steering committee. We currently employ a Project Manager, Carolyn Black, to head up on delivery and contribute to the shaping of the company. We have a dedicated bank account and have been funded primarily by Arts Council England, with other monies from a grant from West Dean Parish Council for a project.

We have spent the past year increasing our presence in the area as a creative network and now have a mailing list of 112 and Facebook following of 252. We have nurtured partnerships with numerous bodies and individuals. We are a network that loves networking!

This is a very exciting point at which to join our growing organisation. Having established ourselves in the area, we seek to create more opportunities for artists, arts organisations, audiences, participants and partners. Our strategic direction will be further shaped and modelled by our new Board members. We are inviting people to get in touch if they might be interested in being actively involved in our development. We are mostly from the creative industries but love to work alongside with non-arts people and organisations, that way we all contribute something different to the mix.

What you will get from joining our Board is an opportunity to have a genuine impact on the creative industries in the Forest of Dean and beyond. In the past year we have hosted numerous networking events to connect the practitioners in the area and scope what our assets are as far as the creative community. We have an event on weekend of 30th May in eight phone boxes along a ten-mile trail, sharing installations and performances with the public.

If you are interested in advising or participating in a specific project or topic, then an advisory or associate role may be more appropriate – but do send us some information about you and we will be happy to chat!

Location: Forest of Dean

Contract terms: Voluntary, unremunerated, non-executive role

Application details: Please send an email expressing your interest in a role, and relevant experience, to our Chair Rob Olins