The Commissions and Bursaries, detailed below, have now passed. We will update the home page and a Drawing Attention page as these projects develop. If you sign up to our mailing list you will hear of any new opportunities to gather, network and create in a emailed newsletter.

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micro-commissions and mini Bursaries

Thanks to an Arts Council England Emergency Grant, awarded due to the pandemic, canopy is offering a range of micro-commissions and mini-bursaries to creatives living in the Forest of Dean. We hope this little pot can seed new growth, to encourage creatives to test out and exchange ideas during this strange time.

The canopy team is here to help you develop new approaches to sharing work within the constraints of social distancing. For instance, you may be a writer who’d like to present your work as a video projection, a performer who’d like to make work for an online audience or any other ideas you’d like to explore. We’d love to enable you to present publicly accessible work. 

There are three ways to get involved:

  • By joining us in an online get-together. 
  • By applying for one of four micro-commissions
  • By pitching for a bursary

All the information is detailed below along with a short FAQ. You can also download a printable PDF of the info here.

Drawing Attention

Micro-commissions of £250 per artist/group

4 x commissions for temporary, environmentally sensitive creations that are publicly accessible for a duration of minutes to 2 weeks. We are interested in activity that draws attention to aspects of our local environment or a collective state of mind. The activity is to take place between August and September 2020. We are keen to hold a public event on August Bank holiday weekend.

Please get in touch if you’d like to try something new and are not sure of its feasibility. The work can be of any media and for the sake of examples could be:

  • Sprayed chalk stencils on pavement or trees
  • A performance or film performed or shown in a shop front
  • An artwork found via a treasure hunt using clues, coordinates or the datacache app.
  • An audio installation in the forest.

How to apply

The commissions will be selected by a panel. Applications can be made in writing, by video (up to 5mins), audio (up to 5min), by BSL or by a recorded phone call. Please contact us to discuss any specific requirements you may have including if you require this information in another language. 

Apply by sending text, audio or a video link to rod@canopynetwork.co.uk. Alternatively call Rod on 07956 408 829 and he’ll schedule a time for you to apply over the phone. 

Applicants are asked to supply the following information: 

  • Project Title
  • A proposal for the work you’d like to make and the thinking behind it. (200 words max)
  • A brief outline of how you would spend the budget and any access requirements or support you need. (50 words max)
  • How you hope this opportunity will help you to develop artistically in future.(50 words max).
  • How do you think the work could be experienced by the public?  (50 words max)
  • Supporting information – Add any supporting files (up to 6 images, 1x1min video/audio) you would like to share with a short description. Add any links you would like to share with short description

Deadline for commissions:   End of day Sun 19th July 

Applicants will be informed of the panel’s decision by 24thJuly.

Bursaries of between £50 – £200

You can apply with the aim of creating new work, reflecting on past work, to enable a collaboration, for purchasing materials or equipment, as well as for simply using the time to explore different creative processes. There is no requirement to ‘produce’ something tangible, although we would need to hear about what you explored to meet our grant evaluation requirements. 

The activity is to take place between August and September 2020.

Pitching a creative activity
Canopy will host two ZOOM bursary proposal get-togethers and one in-person gathering. Proposals are made in a short proposal (up to 3-minutes) to the group of fellow bursary applicants. Please keep things short and simple, there’s no need to prepare that much. 

You just need to say:

1) your name and what you do

2) how much you need for your activity £50-£200

3) What you’d like to do and how it would help you develop your creativity.

An example would be: Hi I’m John Smith, I’m a carpenter. I could do with £120 so that I can try out making chainsaw sculptures. I need to buy some lumps of woods and pay for 2hrs of instruction from a local carver. This experience will expand the potential of what I can offer clients and will also give me new creative expression, very different to cabinet making.

You can simply share this information using your webcam and, if helpful to you, hold up any relevant objects or images to webcam. If in any tech panic please get in touch!

After we’ve heard from everyone, names will be chosen at random (using a randomiser app) until the money allocated for that gathering is used up.

There are limited places so please use our Eventbrite page or the links below to book a spot. 

ZOOM bursary gathering 2                        Sun 19th July at 8.00pm, for no longer than 1hr15mins

In-person bursary gathering 3       Sun 26th July at 3.00pm. for no longer than 1hr 30mins

Canopy will look at how a shared pitching event can take place in a socially distanced setting. This is penciled in for the Sun 26th July. If meeting up in person is not possible a ZOOM will be scheduled for the same time. 

If there is any reason that you can’t attend any of these times please get in touch. 


I don’t live in the Forest of Dean – can I still apply?

No, canopy is a network for creatives based in the Forest and the funding is specifically for local creatives.

Can I apply for both a bursary and a micro-commission?

Yes, you can apply for both. If you are unsure which would be best for you/your practice, get in touch to discuss.

When can I apply? 

Deadline for commissions:            End of day Sun 19th July

Deadline for bursaries:       These will be voted on during pitching events with the final get-together on Sunday 26th July at 3pm. If you’d rather not attend, you can send a proposal for us to read to the group. This would need to arrive no later than Friday 24th July. 

When will the decisions be made?

Commission applicants will be notified of the panel decision on the 24th July at the latest.  
Bursary proposals will be voted on at the end of each pitching gathering with the result shared at the end of the event once votes have been counted. 

I don’t have any documentation of my work – can I still apply? 

Yes, but your application would be much stronger if you are able to show examples of your work using either still images, audio, video documentation and/or written documents. 

Can I apply on the phone? 

Yes, if you are happy for us to record your call. If you call me, I will return your call and set up a recording. You will be required to answer the questions set out above.   Test or call me to arrange a time. Rod – 07956 408 829. 

If in doubt, do please get in touch –  rod@canopynetwork.co.uk