Walking the Woods

Inspired by Walking the Land in Stroud, we decided we must explore ways we can network out in the local landscape. Creative practitioners in the Forest of Dean are deeply affected by this beautiful environment. Historically, activists have fought to preserve its uniqueness, from the Verderers to the the HOOF campaign, to FrackOff to the latest HOLD (Hands Off Lydney and Dilke Hospitals). Extinction Rebellion is active here and there are other environmental initiatives developing too. So what has this got to do with canopy? We seek to build upon our passion for this place, what better way than to walk together in it?

Like all new organisations, it takes time to know where the heart of any project lies. canopy has been growing organically since Creative Canopy began, putting down some roots. We’ve been meeting creatives in the area, getting to understand what is needed here.

The Walking the Woods project is beginning to gain momentum, and sharing resources and knowledge. Very soon, the thoughts and images of those engaged with WTW will be shared on this page. In the meantime, here are some of my photos taken on our Networking Day on 9th November.